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A place to learn about Research Methodologies and Statistics

The PESQUISE Channel arose from the need to create a vehicle that would make it simple to learn complex theoretical concepts, especially for health professionals/researchers.
Graduated in Dentistry, Professor Heitor Marques Honório has always had difficulty in understanding fundamental concepts of research methodologies and especially those of statistics. However, as of 2010, he left clinical practice to face a major challenge: teaching classes at USP on a discipline he considered very complex. At that moment, he realized that there was a great need of didactic materials that would make the learning processes less difficult for those who did not have a mathematical basis in their training. At this moment, he started to dedicate efforts to develop the PESQUISE Channel, a multiplatform channel (youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter and website) that aims to facilitate the learning of very important concepts for professionals/researchers in the health area, such as of Research and Statistics. If it's a necessary "evil", then let's turn it into a fun one!
Ask, but to answer: SEARCH!

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